Your Car Engine Needs


In the Indian market, we’ve been serving the industry for more than a decade, selling European & Asian (all imported diesel & petrol cars) cars. Cars Transmission experience of last 6 years is solitude of its foundation. Due to heavy dust & higher temperature weather, as compression to European countries, the wear & tear of a diesel engine is more than these European countries and some we refuse regular service of our car.

It may slowly damage your car engine and after that, car engine sound changes, acceleration becomes low, smoke from the exhaust is observed, there’s a low mileage and starts making trouble and various other problems start.

The biggest problem with a diesel engine is with diesel injectors and high-pressure diesel fuel pump. Its all due to impure diesel filter at regular/routine service of your car. Solution to above problem is related to your car engine, you go to your authorized dealer and the dealer gives you more expensive bill/estimate cost regarding your car engine problem. But don’t worry, get a first-class check of your car at cars transmission and an estimate from us.